Would you like to take an adventure trip and tour the scenic Grand Canyon sometime soon? The best way to tour the Canyon is by air, and when you start from Vegas, you can take an airplane tour to the South Rim of the Canyon or the West Rim. Here are 5 tips you can use to help you plan the ultimate air tour of the Canyon.

Airplane Tip 1 - Book Your Air Tour Online

Going online to buy your tour makes it quick and easy to find the options you want. It's not only easier, it is also less expensive to buy a tour online. Buying your airplane tour online lets you bypass third-party sellers and travel agents along with their added fees and commissions. Paying for your tour with your credit card online confirms your seats right then, so you won't have to worry about looking for open seats at the last minute.

Airplane Tip 2 -Book Airplane Tours In Advance

Booking your tour ahead of time gives you a better choice in tour dates and times. The Canyon air tours are extremely popular and it is common for them to sell out ahead of time. Booking a tour at least two weeks ahead of time is a good idea, or you can even book it further ahead than that if you buy your tour as soon as you've finished making your hotel reservations in Vegas.

Airplane Tip 3 - Fly To The West Rim To See The Skywalk

Since Vegas is fairly close to the West Rim, those tours are the most affordable. A landing tour is highly recommended if you go to the West Rim, especially since that is where the Skywalk is located. Viewing the Canyon from the Skywalk is a breathtaking experience because you get to stand out over the Canyon on a glass bridge that's 4000 feet above the bottom and the river below.

Airplane Tip 4 - Enhance Your South Rim Tour With A Helicopter Flight

The South Rim is farther from Vegas than the West Rim, and if you go by bus or car, it will take you more than 5 hours just to get there. Going by airplane is a much better option because you can get there in around an hour. You should consider booking the South Rim airplane tour that comes with a helicopter flight over the Canyon, because it is one of the most comprehensive air tours you can take in the National Park. The South Rim area is known for its astounding natural beauty, and you'll see many interesting landmarks and sights, including the remote wilderness area of the North Rim.

Airplane Tip 5 - Opt For The Window Seat

The airplanes used on the Canyon air tours are made for sightseeing, so they have wings mounted on top of the plane so they are out of the way, and they have large viewing windows. Still, the window seat offers the ultimate view, and it only costs $10 more. It's worth paying for the window seat just to get the best views during your flight. Especially since the upgrade is so affordable, you don't want to pass on the opportunity to sit in the window seat if you can book one when you buy your tour.

To Wrap Up

Just keep the above tips in mind when you plan out and buy your Canyon air tour, and you'll have the best chance of booking the ultimate tour. You may still have questions about touring the Canyon, and if so, come to my website. I am even available during daytime hours for a personal chat if you need help. Above all else, pay for your sightseeing adventure online and book it early so you'll be all set for a flight you'll never forget.

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