Keeping your pets at home takes a big responsibility particularly in terms of providing them what they need such as pet supplies and accessories. It is a long term process that you need to fulfill as pet owners. Before committing, make sure you are financially ready to supply whatever your pet will need in the future.

Dogs - although there are various breeds of dogs, they all need one common thing, and that is attention. Their basic needs include quality dog foods, apparel, bowls & feeders, collars & harnesses, dog toys and grooming supplies. They will need a good home where they can freely roam around instead of keeping them chained. Dogs are obedient animals. They will follow order if you reward them food. They build companionship to people around them and keep loyalty to their owners. They can also easily associate with strangers if you were able to train them to socialize. They are consistent with their routines, so give them instructions that they need to remember in order to control in case they misbehave.

Cats - also need basic pet supplies such as cat foods and vitamins, bowls & fountains, collars & leashes, beddings, toys & scratchers and carriers. Although cats have playful personalities, you should not force them to interact. Wait for cue and let them approach you. You should understand that cats always enjoy their privacy but they know how to socialize to people. It is their nature to seek attention especially from their pet owners.

Fish - it is true that taking care of your pet fish is quite a hassle. Their basic needs include expensive pet supplies such as fish tanks & aquariums, fish food, aquarium filters & decors, and gravel & substrate. Safekeeping them requires proper care and training. You should only use pet supplies that are appropriate for the fish/fishes you have unless your pet will not survive longer. Your roles as pet owners include securing an accurate feeding regimen and a clean environment.

Birds - while birds only need food, cages, and perches, they are messy and loud. Most of your time with them is spent on cleaning their cages and giving them food. Some species of birds are intelligent. They can catch up instructions easily and it is much easier to train them. Birds are also playful animals. They can be talkative and jolly as much as they want to. The more you interact with them, the more they'll be able to grow healthy.

Rabbits and Hamsters - are considered short-lived pets. They have much lower life expectancies than other pets. Basic needs include food, cages &hutches, beddings & litters, dishes & feeders, hay & grass, and harnesses & carriers. Rabbits are benevolent creatures. Unlike other animals, they are much calmer and more affectionate. They are messy and smelly if not monitored regularly. Since they are small in sizes, it is much easier to take care of them. In handling calm pets like rabbits and hamsters, you also need to be gentle to avoid them from feeling uncomfortable with you. They also need less pet supplies unlike other pets.