A spate of recent articles in the local paper has once again raised the spectrum of conflict in the teaching of various subjects in our schools. Specifically, the apparently never ending conflict between the so-called "Evolutionists", and the "Creationists," goes on. This is an either-or approach.

There does not seem to be a problem with our understanding of the various "cycles in nature," (the rotating seasons of the year, the ebb and flow of the oceans' tides, day/night, etc,) or the "fact" we live in a "dualistic" world: up/down; right/left; black/white, good/evil, etc. These principles seem to be self-evident, acceptable laws of nature; I.e. "Law of Periodicity", or cyclic changes.

Suppose we try to apply these laws to the human family. For example, let us assume for the sake of argument that the human species is dualistic in the sense of being both a physical AND a spiritual entity, and undergoes change via the "Law of "The Pairs of Opposites."


Let us further assume that physically, we do evolve through the long eons of time on this earth; I.e. "The "Law of Evolution." So, physically, we evolve upwards from the lower human "specimens" I.e., savages, known to historical science, into the consciously self-aware human entities we are today.

Let us further assume that we gain our spirituality, a portion of the Divine, from a higher level of our solar system.That is, the human entity grows in spirituality by a gradual expansion of consciousness which accompanies its physical development, steadily transcending to higher planes of our solar system via individual exertion and the selfless serving of humanity, via the "Law of Sacrifice and Service to Humanity." This would explain the role or purpose of the human entity according to the planetary and solar scheme. This Law was manifested by the Christ during His earthly mission, Who provided a "model" of the perfected human entity on this planet, gained by way of service to others in a loving, selfless and righteous manner; this is the destiny of the human race. The Christ anchored LOVE on earth, just as the Gautama Buddha anchored Wisdom on this planet.

Perhaps it should be explained that according to the AW, our solar system consists of seven dimensions or planes of spiritually conscious energy, and it is by our gradually transcending through these seven solar planes we gain spiritual perfection.

According to the Ancient Wisdom, each manifested form "lives" within the next higher form. For example, the mineral "lives" within the vegetable; the vegetable "lives" within the animal, and the animal is the physical form of Man. The spiritual aspects in the human entity are to eventually "live" within the Fifth Kingdom of Souls, (higher levels of solar consciousness) the "residence" of the Masters of the Wisdom." And, this is achieved by our continual expansion of consciousness. The essence of each human entity is Divine, the "God Within" and we need to discover this for ourselves.

The riddle of the Sphinx is Man; depicted or symbolized by a lower animal body and the head of a human entity, where consciousness resides and where higher consciousness is realized.

Although the study of the Ancient Wisdom is of no particular interest to most of those in the West, occupied as they are with materialistic endeavors, it has been of vital significance in the Orient for thousands and thousands of years. The Ancient Wisdom can be found in such books as H.P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine, published in 1888, and can be attained from the theosophical society; ( or in the many other books under the heading of Occultism, Mysticism, Buddhism, etc. (See, for example,, under the Alice A Bailey books.), which were actually created by a Master of the Wisdom; Dhjwal Khul, the Tibetan.

One of the tenets of the Ancient Wisdom states that the individual human being, (and more recently, groups of human beings), gains spiritual ascendancy via a series of "consciousness expansions," also known as "Initiations." These are depicted in our Bible by the experiences of the Christ in His last days on earth. (See, Annie Besant's, Aspects of the Christ, TS, Ibid, 1912, and her "Avataras," Ibid, 1899.)

We gain spiritually via acts of selflessness, and through impersonal (without regard to Self) service to our fellow beings, by goodwill toward all, a practice of universal brotherhood, altruism and compassion for all lives, and by a lifelong search for the Truth of Life that comes from Self-discovery, via a prolonged and dedicated inward search of ourselves. ("Mankind know thyself", or Gnothe Seauton, as advocated by the Oracle of the Delphi). Some dedicated souls gain Soul awareness by daily meditation, which reportedly brings about an awareness of the noumena, or the nous, which reveals the "causes" that exist behind the phenomenal world of "effects." Effects are what most of us are usually aware of in our daily lives. Effects are visible and Causes are invisible. By the use of analogy, "Law of Correspondence," can the invisible be made visible.


So, instead of approaching Creation and Evolution from an either-or-approach, it cost us nothing more than to get over our individual prejudices and to view these concepts from a united approach. It is held the world is a "Unity," and all things come from the One.

A united approach can resolve the conflicts surrounding this perennial argument of science vs. religion, or evolution vs. creationism; simply combine the two!

Our little world has been created (actually evolved out of His own Essence) by the solar Logos, a highly advanced spiritual being, Who's manifested "body" is our solar system, which is a part of the Universe. He also created a Cosmic Plan, which unfolds gradually (as humanity discovers it) via the medium of evolution, which humanity as a whole has yet to discover. This Cosmic Plan guides ALL that occurs in our solar system.

The End